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Welcome to a supportive community that will help you get out of being stuck and achieve your dreams in a much faster way than if you just did it on your own. In The Courage To Be Happy community you will enjoy your journey with like minded courageous women entrepreneurs and you will get places at a much faster pace.
I am Tania Vasallo  the founder of, a supportive community that empowers passionate, heart centered female entrepreneurs all over the world to have the courage to be happy and create a life and business of freedom!
I provide high-end training, coaching and mentoring for women to discover more about themselves, about what they want to create in their life and business. When working with me you will become more connected to your essence, you will shed old layers of yourself and finally tap into the core of who you are and what work you want to bring to this world. You will be able to have your life and work flow with ease so that you can experience freedom and play while making a big difference.
I truly believe that if more women were living a purposeful life, helping each other, co-creating with other women, our world would look very different. I see a female driven world, more nurturing and caring, a world that we’d all benefit from and would love to be in. Like the Dalai Lama said "The western woman will save the world." It's time for us to step into this role and show what we're made of. It's our moment!
I consider myself a courageous free spirit, manifesting what I envision. I have lived in 7 different locations in the last 15 years (by choice, pursuing dreams and learning new skills). I currently live with my husband and daughter in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

I have designed my life to fit my needs and wants and I have become really good at it. I am a Certified Life Coach that has learned with teachers and mentors such as Louise Hay, Jack Canfield,  CoachU, Peak Potentials & Landmark Education. I have taken all my knowledge and experiences and put together terrific programs and teachings which have helped many women around the world. If you’re curious about learning more of my work and would like to receive my bi-monthly ezine full of juicy tips, tools and inspiring words please enter your name and email and I’ll make sure to keep you up to date.
Tania, you have been an amazing coach, friend, woman and a constant inspiration to me over the years.  Thanks to our coaching together I was able to: start a new career, make more money in one sale than I did with last year's salary and I found the man of my life! I can’t thank you enough for all of your love and support. You helped me see life in a different way.
Stacy Wilson
Tania provided the direction needed with her life coaching support. She helped provide me with the necessary tools to elevate myself and take bigger risks. When I began working with Tania, I was stuck in a job that I loved, but where the work envirionment was toxic. I had planned to leave, but there were no jobs in my field. My only choice was to start my own business and take big risks and I was afraid.
The skills that Tania provided me with along with her personal coaching were undeniably helpful in creating my new life. She helped me to identify my goals, set priorities, gain self-esteem, and take action. Those actions lead to me to take the bigger risks necessary to start a innovative business, which had a successful first year with an event in Los Angeles and speaking engagements in the US and Canada. All of these events gained me more trust and recognition within my field of art and technology thus creating more positive momentum. I would recommend Tania to anyone who is committed to personal development.
Ethan Bach
Before working with Tania I was acting more from the head than from the heart. I felt like my head and heart weren’t connected,  I was acting from duty and what I should do rather than what I felt. It was easy to hide behind the comfort and success of my work. After coaching with Tania this happens a lot less and I feel like I’m much more connected to those around me.
Alex Pallete
If I hadn’t worked with Tania I would have still been in “pretend” mode, showing how perfect my life was as well as how successful my career was to all those around me but knowing deep down inside that I was miserable and unhappy for not being able to solve this missing piece in my life. I feel like I'm finally succeeding at work as well as in my life. I can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge and insights.  
Kelly Kaufman
Tania is very knowledgable. She has the ability to be very direct in a soft and gentle way. I enjoyed her prosperity workshop and highly recommend it to others wishing to improve their outlook on money and prosperity in all areas of their life.
Karen Wolfe
I attended a workshop with Tania on prosperity. She shared with us ways of how prosperity showed up in her personal life. I was impressed with her openness. I was very pleased with her presentation and look forward to attend further workshops with her.
Yvonne Brooks Cooper
“You are offering successful workshops with ease and clarity. Your participants come from many parts of the world. Your workshops will be well received and will enhance the lives of many. Go forward in peace to share this important work and your vision. Blessings. From Colleen with love.”
Colleen Mc Donald

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Click on the link below to get access to my weekly e-zine with juicy tips, tools and inspiring words to get you going.